Vermont Maple Products from Harlow's Sugar House - Putney, Vermont
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Boiling maple sap at Harlow’s Sugar House

Year after year, when the warm days and cold nights of March and April combine to make the sap run in the Rock Maple trees, Vermont sugarmakers head for the sugarbush. Trails are broken through the snow, trees are tapped and buckets are hung. As the sap is collected, it is transported to the sugar house where it is boiled down and transformed into nature’s most delicious syrup. The Harlow Family has been a part of this New England tradition since 1927, when Uncle Frank started the farm and first set out a few hundred buckets.

A fourth generation on the Harlow Farm carries out this tradition today. Even though the methods have changed a bit over the years, we still get excited about tapping the trees along about the end of February or the first of March. The sugaring season only lasts about four to six weeks. This is a busy time, boiling the sap down and making our crop of syrup for you to enjoy throughout the coming year.

Although we are sure that you would enjoy visiting us in Vermont, you can purchase pure maple syrup - and all of our most popular gift items - all year round, in our secure online store. Our shelves are well stocked, and we are certain that you or that special someone will truly enjoy a taste of New England tradition.– The Harlows

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